Services & Fees

Animal Communicating/Consult  Fee is $3.00/minute of consultation time

Medium Consult (a picture is required) $3.00/minute pets, people fee is listed below

Medium consult for people: $3.75/minute (a picture of the deceased person is needed)

Medical Intuitive (Scan) Consult (Pets)  $3.50/minute [includes a brief write-up of findings]

Asian Bodywork & Massage Fee [relaxing massage] is $40-$50.00 per massage small animals, $125 for horses.

Litter reading, the puppies have to be 12 weeks old or less=$11.00 per puppy per reading (no minimum age)

Nutritional consult for your pet: $3.00/minute

Channeling consult for people [a consult in which I channel your guides in order to help you with a situation]: $3.80/minute

Animal Behavioral Consultation: $3.50/minute

Flower essence research and recommendations [If I recommend flower essences, this takes time to research them based on the reading that was done to make sure that they fit your pet.  I then type this up to give to you as a recommendation] $2.50/ minute

Stone therapy research, recommendation and acquiring stones to send to you [This involves doing research on the harmonic of stones to recommend for you and/or your pet based on the reading.  Time to acquire the stones from a gem store, send them to you.] $2.25

Reading on site at a dog show $40.00

Personal Appearances
I’m available for agility trials, fun matches, charity events, fund-raising events, specialty events and conformation shows.  Contact me and we’ll set something up.