Services & Consultations

Scheduling a Service or Consultation

The easiest way to schedule a consultation/reading is to go to  Approximately 80% of my business is conducted over the phone all over the world. My schedule fluctuates quite a bit but a client can usually get an appointment within 24 hours of contacting me.

Services Provided by Joy Mason

Animal Communicating/Consult  Fee is $3.00/minute of consultation time

Medium Consult (a picture is required) $3.00/minute pets, people fee is listed below

Medium consult for people: $3.75/minute (a picture of the deceased person is needed)

Medical Intuitive (Scan) Consult (Pets)  $3.50/minute [includes a brief write-up of findings]

Asian Bodywork & Massage Fee [relaxing massage] is $40-$50.00 per massage small animals, $125 for horses.

Litter reading, the puppies have to be 12 weeks old or less=$11.00 per puppy per reading (no minimum age)

Nutritional consult for your pet: $3.00/minute

Channeling consult for people [a consult in which I channel your guides in order to help you with a situation]: $3.80/minute

Animal Behavioral Consultation: $3.50/minute

Lost Pet consultation/assistance/mentoring [for 4 days of consult] $100.00

Flower essence research and recommendations [If I recommend flower essences, this takes time to research them based on the reading that was done to make sure that they fit your pet.  I then type this up to give to you as a recommendation] $2.50/ minute

Stone therapy research, recommendation and acquiring stones to send to you [This involves doing research on the harmonic of stones to recommend for you and/or your pet based on the reading.  Time to acquire the stones from a gem store, send them to you.] $2.25

Reading on site at a dog show $40.00

Personal Appearances

I’m available for agility trials, fun matches, charity events, fund-raising events, specialty events and conformation shows.  Contact me and we’ll set something up.

Please don’t forget to check the calendar of scheduled events to see if I will be near you around the time that you would like a consultation.

Scheduling a home visit

I  live in Southern California and I look forward to reconnecting with my clients there.  If you want a private in-home visit, let me know.  I have a minimum of 7 readings in order to make that in-home visit.  I also charge a traveling fee depending on the distance traveled.  It’s fun to invite friends over and make it a bit of an “animal communicating” party.  Contact me at for more details.

Cost of a Consultation and Billing

Consultations are billed by the time spent reading  and/or consulting you regarding  your pet.. The average reading is 20-30 minutes per pet, the fee is based on a rate of $3.00 per minute. Whether in person or on the phone, if you request that a consultation go longer than the allotted time and I have time in my schedule to accommodate it, you will be billed for the added time at the end of the consultation.  I always let the client know when the schedule time is up before moving on.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment.  What I do now is to ask you how much time you want to spend on the consultation at the beginning of the call and then I will invoice you at the end of the reading via Paypal.  You may pay with your Paypal account or credit card at that time.  You are also welcomed to prepay for the consultation if you like which you can do through site.


Since I am a self-taught communicator, I realize that my style of animal communicating may differ from others.  Since it is my goal and intention deliver only the absolute best services possible to you and your pet, I may refer you to another communicator whom I feel may better serve your specific needs.