About Joy

As a military dependent living and traveling in Europe, Joy’s one constant was her great relationship with her animals.  Because her father was a medical technologist in the military, she was exposed to medicine early and developed interest in that area as well.  When she was in high school, confined to bed after a serious horseback riding accident, she decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

After graduating from the University of New Mexico,
Joy earned her DVM at Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine, becoming the first black woman to do so. While working as a veterinarian, Joy could no longer deny that she heard the voices of animals hospitalized in her care.  She  began to really listen to what the animals were saying to her.  Her particular ability to hone in on their physical manifestations was tested greatly by Joy and her very skeptical veterinarian husband.

Over time, Joy polished her listening and perceiving skills until she felt both confident and comfortable in communicating to a client what his/her pet said and was feeling.  Now armed with considerable experience (and newly divorced), Joy began her career as an animal communicator.

When Joy does a reading, she gets words, pictures, thoughts, and feelings from your pet.  Basically she becomes a conduit for information between your pet and yourself. Joy likens it to a telephone conversation with herself as the communications instrument.

Joy has had the pleasure of working with dogs who perform in agility, confirmation, rally, obedience and herding. Cats are also part of her clientele, and she works with show cats as well as home bodies. She has also worked with horses that perform in various venues. Never forgetting her first career, Joy also works with veterinarians all over the United States, who are open to receiving more information about their patients by talking to an empath (defined here) who is also a veterinary professional.

Recently Joy decided to make another major change in her life.
She applied to  5 Branches Institute (located in Santa Cruz California) to learn and apply acupuncture and herbology to humans. Traditional Chinese medicine has long been a love of Joy’s since completing classes from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Association. She is now studying Asian Bodywork and Qigong. Joy will soon be able to offer Asian massage on people at dog shows as well as their pets.

Joy’s goal is to become a licensed acupuncturist, serving both humans and their pets. It is her dream to open a wellness center for people and animals, featuring the healing powers of acupuncture, massage and herbology.

Joy currently back in Southern California and taking a sabbatical from acupuncture school.

Changes in life are good, I’m glad to be back here.  I am regrouping and looking forward to seeing my clients again.  I will be going to acupuncture school in Southern California in 2012.  I will continue to do Asian Bodywork Therapy on people and their pets as long as animal communicating.