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Grieving the death of a pet

This last year was particularly hard on me as my precious Anisette (in the picture on my lap) and my Angus McFerson both died.  Anisette was almost 16 years old and Angus had an accident which took his life 3 weeks before his 12th birthday.  My grieving over the death of my pets not easy, I find that I suffer as much as my clients do.  One I understood, the other was sudden and shocking. The both took their toll on me but in totally different ways.

I find that when you have a pet that’s passed away and you have me do a reading, their own grieving over the loss often mirrors your grief.  Please understand that what’s real to me is that they have a bit of an adjustment to make when going from having a body to being in the spirit world.  Sometimes they are out and out angry that they left when they did, they are unhappy that their body didn’t hold up.  Sometimes they feel guilty that they are happy their diseased body is gone, but they can’t interact with you in the same manner as they did before.

Be vigilant and patient, you might want to ask them to come to you in your sleep in a dream.  I find that when dealing with the spirit world, that is a good time for loved ones who are deceased (people and pets) to come to us because our minds are quiet and we’re not in the business of the day.   I find that some people will feel their deceased pet, or smell them, or even hear them bark.

In my case, Angus wouldn’t let me be sad, reminding me of how funny he was with his nubby Pembroke Welsh Corgi tail.  He was my first home-bred champion and I was graced with his presence, he died way to early for me to really grasp even though he’s been gone since August. He visits me often and I appreciate his love.  Anisette, on the other hand has not come to visit as often, she’s told me that she’s comfortable with family in the spirit world and is taking a  well-deserved break.  Quite the Princess, I think that she deserves it. Although my grieving the death of my pets may be a bit different from what you have experienced, I can totally relate on the feeling of loss.

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Dog Behaviorist

I don’t really consider myself a dog behaviorist, but a lot of times, doing a reading ends up being just that.   I find that in most cases, the dog is misbehaving because the owner hasn’t set up enough rules regarding how they should act and what is expected of the dog from the owner.  On the other hand, my job as an animal communicator often ends up by me performing a massage on the dog.  When we ask these guys to perform, whether it be herding, agility or conformation, I find that it’s a lot like we are.  They hold their tension in their body and/or they turn the wrong way and then the result is that they don’t want to be touched or they don’t listen to their handler when performing.  Once the body aches and pains are handled, there isn’t a need for an animal communicator like me.  Very important data to remember.

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